Zen Shibumi Ki Do
An Ancient Way


What It is

Zen Shibumi Ki Do is derived from Taoist and Zen roots. It is a stripped down, simplified (intensified) way to the inconceivable natural state.

This is a complete system for realizing the goal of Zen, for "entering the Gate." So, if you want to see what Bodhidharma saw, Zen Shibumi Ki Do is for you.

It's also a system for relaxing the body, getting rid of stress, and strengthening vital energy.

By "system" is meant a collection of methods all aimed at the same result. The goal of Zen Shibumi Ki Do is to enhance your life in the here now, so that you can live in satisfaction, ease and bliss.

"Settle everything today.
Drop all stress.
Live out your life in bliss."